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Stop The Use of Smartphones At Dinner!

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Reseña Del Buzo Oficial De Liga de Quito 2015

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Work In Progress: Workspace Nook Project

When we bought our cozy cape five years ago, we had plans to remodel each room in the house to our liking. For whatever reason--traveling, going back to school, new job, having a kid, we struggled to find time to make our plans a reality. As the years and other home...
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My Three-Year-Old Helps Unbox New 3DS

Since it's announcement I've been eager to get my hands on the smaller version of Nintendo's "New" 3DS. Against all common sense, Nintendo decided to not release this cool looking console to the US. Luckily for me, the folks over at Amazon France were having a sweet...
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Six Things I Hated About The SOA Finale

As a big fan of the series I was looking forward to the finale, waiting in angst to see what fate awaited our troubled anti-hero. As much as  I wanted him to pay for all his heinous crimes, the compassionate side of me secretly hoped he would get on his father's...
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I Love Brushed Aluminum, Titanium Looking Gadgets

Working in digital media is awesome on so many levels. One of those being, the exposure to the coolest looking gadgets this side of the hipster world. Here a list of some of the ones I use on a daily basis: HTC One M8 (best smartphone I've ever owned) Apple iPad...
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Energy Management Initiative

wellbeing reactions identified with malignancy and rheumatoid joint inflammation is a critical decrease indications identified with pharmaceutical medications Those treated with pot In one investigation did exclude any case in both human body produces endocannabinoids...
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My Handheld Collection Vol. 1: Nintendo DS

Blogging about video games has been something I've truly enjoyed over the years, although putting in hours of game play has burnt me out as of late. On the other hand, I have to admit that the opportunity to get my hands on most of the video-game hardware for review purposes was very envious perk. collection.

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PS VITA My Favorite Handheld I Never Play

There's a part of me that wishes I would remember to carry this sexy beast of a console everywhere I go. The sad reality though is that I often forget I even own this wonderful, and sultry electronic device. Not sure why I don't use it more often. Perhaps I got...
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Oh YEAH! An App for movie lovers.

I was recently given the opportunity to experience AMC’s newest app, YEAH! and I’m feeling psyched about how awesome this new platform is going to be once it reaches movie fans. The current selection of titles will not rival other streaming services in numbers but...
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Let’s create awesome together.


Multidisciplinary, bilingual digital creative who offers a diverse perspective on digital media content with a flexible skill set; brings abundant experience in video production, corporate communications and social media strategies. Craves a fast-paced, collaborative, artistic environment, a place where new ideas are welcomed and brought to life.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Danilo for over a year now. He and I started at Samsung almost the same week and have been close teammates and friends ever since. Danilo has a great fun-loving, caring spirit that’s a pleasure to be around. He’s very knowledgeable in graphic design, social media strategy, video production, web development, and all things digital creative. He’s a big asset to our team and the go-to guy for any digital creative needs that we run into. He’s quick to learn, eager to help, and always determined to give 100% to whatever he does. I’ve seen him come to the rescue of myself and many other teammates when we need to create and deliver fresh content within a short window of time. His personality, skillset, and attitude make him the perfect asset for any Digital team.

Digital Marketing Manager, Samsung

I have known Danilo for 10 years. I found him a very articulate, creative and hardworking. He is a self starter that can be relied on to finish tasks accurately and in a timely fashion. He keeps up with the latest technologies and social networking trends and can exploite them effectively.

Jim McGrath

SVP Global Media Engineering, Discovery Communications

Danilo is very creative and does a great job as the web/multimedia coordinator. He has a good grasp of the social networking applications and all web based technologies. He is a fast learner and is not afraid to think outside of the box.

Sonja Clark

Director Community Relations, SUEZ

Danilo is an extremely talented professional and communicator who has the unqique ability to connect with people through his use of humor and visual creativity. I had the pleasure of working with Danilo where, applying his unique skill sets, he provided great counsel and help to me, crafting a message that effectively reached the targeted audience. I would recommend Danilo with no reservation – any company would be lucky to have him as part of its team.

Brent Fewell

Founder, Earth & Water Law Group

I have had the pleasure of working with Danilo on several initiatives and he is truly a talented and innovative Communications partner. Whether it be via social media or internal platforms, his creative vision has transformed the way employees and customers receive information. His commitment to quality and continuous improvement, ability to connect to various audiences and tremendous skill make him an asset to any organization. I highly recommend his work and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.

Joan Gomez

Global Organizational Development Lead, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

Danilo has a millennial spirit with a Gen X drive… He’s the consummate modern communicator and has a strong understanding of all forms of media and how to use them efficiently.

Danilo has a creativity that plays well inside and outside of the corporate world. And I doubt there is another communicator that blend the two worlds so perfectly.

David Johnson

Site & Community Relations Manager, BASF

Danilo has great creativity, and he brought that to each of the projects we worked on together. He often helped me to take a very rudimentary idea and flesh it out into a complete thought, and take it to the next level with graphics and design ideas that made our work look fantastic. I can always count on him to help me brainstorm, and I know I can always go to him for good advice when I need it

Michelle Petrazzuolo

HR Project Manager, Global Strategy & Planning, ADP

I have had the pleasure of working on many projects with Mr. Danilo Aguilar at Rutgers University-New Brunswick Campus. These student centered projects allowed for me to witness Mr. Aguilar’s ability to professionally engage with others. Although our projects lasted one year, it was enough to confirm he delivers quality work.

While at United Water, Mr. Aguilar was also a student. He had an interest in excelling academically and socially through student involvement and leadership opportunities. This involvement allowed Mr. Aguilar to obtain the tools necessary to succeed in his profession. Today, Mr. Aguilar continues to grow professionally because of his eagerness to learn and develop his leadership skills.

At Rutgers I come across undergraduates on a daily basis. It is our responsibility as administrators to help prepare our students for success in and outside of the classroom. Mr. Aguilar is an example of the success we wish to see in our students and the perfect blend of great performance partnered with the willingness to achieve.

Saskia Leo Cipriani, MPA

AfroLatinx leader, committed to advancing the needs of underrepresented students | doctoral candidate


I’m a creative and computer savvy digital media professional who is passionate about video, social media, blogging and any form of communication.
I strive to bring unique ideas to the table and an upbeat personality. A fluent bilingual (Español / English)
who does not shy away from the camera.

Specialties: Social media, video production, corporate communications, blogging, memes and living life.


Oct 2018 – Present

Digital Content Manager

December 2015 – Oct, 2018

Web, Social and Digital Media Services Manager

Jan 2011 – Dec 2015

Multimedia Manager

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Danilo Aguilar