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‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ is here and despite the awesome trailers, Eminem song, and expensive marketing blitz, the game received lukewarm reviews. When things get overhyped I tend to leave them on my ‘I’ll get to it later’ pile, which more often than not goes untouched. In preparation to review the game I had begun putting together press releases, facts sheets and Mega Bloks®. Yes, among all the collateral I was going to use to write a review about the game were toys. I was fortunate enough to be mailed a few sets of MEGA Brands’ latest collaboration with Activision’s Call of Duty franchise in time for the game’s launch.

I barely have time to play video-games let alone anything that requires assembling.  Yet the giddy and impatient way my two-year-old was shaking the box, demanding that we build, made me tear the sucker up and go elbow deep in plastic pieces.  I had received three sets, Mountain Recon, Drone Attack, and Chopper Strike. I built all three in record time and found the attention to detail on these amazing. The figures were a challenge to put together though. It was like Dr. Frankenstein had received his “build-your-own-monster-kit” without any instructions or the right tools. After some elbow grease and, under my breath profanity, all the figures were ready to play.  Instead of writing about all three, I rather just tell you about my favorite, the Chopper Strike helicopter play set. Not only does it come with two figures, once built, this helicopter looks menacing. It’s so life-like that I could swear those miniguns and rockets have the ability blow up any of my other kid’s toys to BPA-free plastic smithereens.  I’m not an expert on scale, but at 12” this chopper just looks the part and does not cheap out on features. Pretty much anything you would expect moves. Rotors, canopies, even a rappel rope is included. I knew this thing was legit when my wife caught me moving it gracefully through the air, making helicopter noises as I waited for my son to come back from day care.
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