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I was recently given the opportunity to experience AMC’s newest app, YEAH! and I’m feeling psyched about how awesome this new platform is going to be once it reaches movie fans.

The current selection of titles will not rival other streaming services in numbers but it will beat out some of the major players (Netflix) in quality. And of course you know what they say about quantity vs. quality… but more so than what’s available it’s how these films are presented that will make YEAH! a unique offering.  The service is like a twenty-four hour, self-updating encyclopedia of movie-making masterpieces. Each movie is jammed packed with factoids, interviews, director commentaries, and plenty of more features to make even the most reserve film critic hipster skip with joy.  As the movie plays, you have the option to bring up a menu at the bottom of your iPad’s (only available for iPad as of this writing) screen, here different items will appear to compliment the flick you are currently watching. Like an interactive lesson, you’ll be able to take quizzes about certain aspects of the film and if you want to learn more, the film will pause for you as you get your studying on. At first, it’s a bit distracting to try and focus on the story and the extra features playing simultaneously, but after a couple of minutes your brain will catch up to the speed of both and you’ll be toggling what you pay attention to like a pro.

This two lane highway of information playing across my tablet facilitated my involvement with the title. I grew more attached to the story and the process of how it was made.  The interviews and facts selected give you an all access pass to the history of each piece. In no time you’ll be walking around like a Hollywood insider, with trivia in your back pocket. For me, it was much more than a history lesson, it allowed me catch up to older movie aficionados who have many years of watching experience over me. No longer will I feel left out of the conversation, especially when the topic is a film released before I was even conceived.
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