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There’s a part of me that wishes I would remember to carry this sexy beast of a console everywhere I go. The sad reality though is that I often forget I even own this wonderful, and sultry electronic device. Not sure why I don’t use it more often. Perhaps I got accustomed to not being able to store any of the games I downloaded because my memory card was only 4GB and purchasing one big enough to store at least two games was a ridiculous financial investment. Now that I’ve pawned some of my prized possessions, took out another mortgage on my house, and sold my left kidney, I purchased a 16GB card that now sits anxiously waiting to take in all the digital glory. I’m, of course, saying I did all that figuratively, found the card cheap on one of those Amazon lighting deals.


It feels great to be able to finally enjoy of all the amazing games the VITA had waiting for me. The screen is so large, like walking around with a plasma TV in my pocket and its perfect design just enhances my gadgetry mojo. It just took some time to get this point, mainly because I refused to be shaken down by SONY executives who wanted to rob me of my money. I bit the bullet and now I carry around gorgeous games on an equally good looking console.

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