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As a big fan of the series I was looking forward to the finale, waiting in angst to see what fate awaited our troubled anti-hero. As much as  I wanted him to pay for all his heinous crimes, the compassionate side of me secretly hoped he would get on his father’s iconic bike and ride off into the sunset, or at least down to Nero’s farm. Frankly, I’m still shell-shocked, the final episode was terrible. I’m a not trolling, I’m a fan of the show and refuse to let one bad episode tarnish what otherwise was an awesome ride. With that said, below is a list of things I hated the most about ‘Papa’s Goods,’ SOA’s final episode.

homeless 1. Mysterious Homeless Woman - Is she an “other” from The Island sent by LOST’s Jack       Sheppard to guide Jax into martyrdom? I know she’s a symbolic character but the meaning behind her apparitions was never truly explained and so her appearance on this episode felt very random. Her line, “it’s time,” was dangerously close to jumping-the-sharkdom.


the-shield-chiklis_l  2. Michael Chiklis - Once a leading actor, Chiklis was basically a background extra in this series. This fine actor practically put FX on the map with The Shield and this is how you repay him? At least he got to be in the climatic moment of this soon to be cult-classic franchise.


sons_of_anarchy_5 3. The By-law Amendment - As a minority I take pride when popular, main-stream TV shows spotlight black or hispanic actors as main characters. By the most part, Sons of Anarchy has been good at being a very diverse show. I don’t think it needed to go the extra mile and imply that Jax offered himself to Mr. Mayhem to open SAMCRO to black members. Juice and Happy were already on the club so not sure why this was made such a critical plot point.


sons-anarchy 4. Premature Execution - Jax went on a very bloody errand-run to tie up all loose ends. We wanted that instant satisfaction and I was happy to see him get back at everyone that wronged him, but everything felt so rushed, these scumbags should of been made to suffer just a tad bit longer.  We, the audience, wanted to savor in the sweet revenge along with our protagonist.


images 5. Mass Murdering Sunday Drive - Charming, apparently, only has two police officers and they were both off duty that day. Jax was free to shoot everyone in town and casually stroll down the street without any law enforcement or even its residents reacting to the mid-morning violence.  Most laughable was his hit on August Marks right on the steps of Town Hall. A man known to be untouchable was leaving court with very light and incompetent security, killed in public, in daylight with people around, yet nobody cared. Did I mention Jax had already confessed to the D.A. about his other crimes, including murders? Why waste your breath on APBs, there’s more important things to think about. Like too many crows.


Unknown 6. Symbolism of Biblical Proportions - From crows sipping on wine and chewing on bread, to Jax going kamikaze while holding a crucifix pose, the final moments of SOA were completely out of touch from the tone set by earlier episodes in the series. I’m not against the symbolism, I’ll admit I got a little teary eyed during the 10MPH slow speed highway chase, but why introduce new storytelling devices so late in the series. In the end, the crow flew straight into a truck and, although we don’t see the impact, it’s safe to assume the Teller criminal legacy died on that infamous road.

Despite flaws on this epic finale, Sons of Anarchy will be missed. We were all witness to a project that went from a low budget experiment to a TV phenomenon.





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