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When we bought our cozy cape five years ago, we had plans to remodel each room in the house to our liking. For whatever reason–traveling, going back to school, new job, having a kid, we struggled to find time to make our plans a reality.

As the years and other home improvements projects were completed, my favorite room in the house continued ignored. There it sat, four primer-white empty walls and a lonely computer. A hollow space waiting for someone to give it some tender loving and care.

One day, like an epiphany, I woke up full of determination (and funds) to start work on my project. I intended to make this workspace a factory of ideas, a sanctuary for creativity. With the added bonus of  a reading nook and movie projector. 

PART 1: Workstation & Gallery Wall

The first step was choosing the right paint. Out of the five years that I waited to begin this remodel, at least a year-and-a-half went into deciding the color. I struggled between blue, greyish blue, grey, and a million shades of white. After much debate, I went with white–but not just any white, I selected, “Du Jour”. I want my swag, photos and wall art to be what bring life into this space.

While working I want to look up and see things that make me feel good, that remind me that I’m capable of creating things people enjoy. I put together a gallery wall that illustrates who I am and what I love to do.

To the left of my monitor I hung a picture of my sunflower, my wife. She’s a huge supporter of all my projects so I always look to her for motivation. Her beautiful smile always brightens up my mood. Next to her, a sticker that came with Ecuador’s national soccer team jersey I bought while on vacation. It’s a cute little reminder of where I was proudly born.

Above her, Jesus. This piece was made in Montecristi, Ecuador (home of the world famous Panama hats)  and gifted to me by my in-laws. I’d like to keep my spirituality alive and so this frame will remind me of what really matters in life. Next, a picture of a vintage camera. Well, because I love antiques and shooting.

Lastly, another picture of my wife taken in Pirai, Brazil. This particular photo adds symmetry that enhances the wall while capturing the amazing time we had while vacationing in South America.

The next, and final stage, to Part 1 will be to stain the wooden desk surface and purchase a comfortable chair. I’m going to attempt to tint the wood so it looks aged with white hues. Stay tuned for more picture updates.

Also, and by way of coming attraction, Part 2 includes the wall mounting 0f an antique billboard and the assembly of small reading nook with built-in shelves.

For now, good night.

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