The new page was the product of a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt project that resulted in a soft savings of $130,000 in productivity improvements across the organization.
I lead this project with the mission to reduce the time it takes employees to access important information on the company intranet portal. The success of this effort derived from hours of extensive research leveraging all the Six Sigma tools at my disposal. After careful planning, I developed a solution that saved the company a significant amount in productivity while also introducing an innovative data-driven style of web governance, designed to maintain the page relevant.

Some features of the new page include:

  • A.) New look to Outlook Online carousel feature which will include larger photos, more text, and the ability to click out to external sources, as well as access to past issues of Outlook Online.
  • B.) A ‘tool box’ feature includes single sign-on access to the most used applications, such as empower, HR and benefits, pay check, and more. HR and benefit pages also integrate their branded icons, such as Be Well, Be Secure, etc.
  • C.) A popular feature from the current myPSEG has been converted to icons and use single sign-on technology where applicable. The new quick links feature five icons at a time, but users can quickly scroll for additional links.
  • D.) Key Reference Section sends users to key company programs such as safety, diversity & inclusion, standards of integrity, and more.  The icons can be alternated to promote new programs if applicable.
  • E.) New and improved PSEG stock section provides real time data, as well as clickable text.
  • F.)  New social media module will allow user to click directly to most recent post on social media and company blogs.